Wabi-Sabi of boat

Our old boat Eileen is a project that’s never likely to be completed. In my minds-eye there are grand designs and the hope that the ‘next big push’ will move it towards some degree of completeness – but it never actually happens. Time’s not on my side and life gets in the way. There’s just too much distraction and not enough daylight as the boat’s located just too far from home to make an evening’s work on it viable. Still, that’s not to say we can’t enjoy it’s rough-&-ready incompleteness. We can indulge in ‘glamping’ afloat perhaps, shabby-chic without the chic and, over time, we’ve cobbled together a camping stove and sleeping bag ‘make-do and mend’ mindset that works. The threadbare space, the unfinished rough-edges being seen as an antidote to slickness. The boat’s concrete materiality is a refreshing change from the temptations of the virtual world.

This year we’ve not been able to get a-boat as much as I’d like. This picture-post is about when we did and for a few days enjoyed the wabi-sabi of the boat

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Away 4. Snapshots

The old Lock Cottage at Cropredy…

Twenty four hours after leaving the Winter mooring and things were clicking back into place. Though the route was as familiar as the back of my hand, it was different too. In fact, it’s never the same. Life isn’t. Is it possible to revisit the same place as the same person twice? I doubt it, life rarely has the synchronicity for that.

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It’s a small world (4.) A little boy’s vision…

“Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.”

Keith Haring

Fin, one of our six year old twin boys, sit quietly drawing at the kitchen table. It’s late afternoon, the end of another school day.

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Book Review: Living Locally by Erica Van Horn

Robert Walser quoted in the opening pages of Living Locally:

“What I saw was as small and poor as it was large and significant, as modest as it was charming, as near as it was good, and as delightful as it was warm.”

Artist, writer, printer, and bookmaker Erica Van Horn’s Living Locally is a celebration of simplicity, sense of place, savouring and seasonality.

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It’s a small world (3.)

Contentment is building our very own small world…

Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.


I find microcosm a fascinating concept. I like the idea of little worlds, of entities complete in themselves. The ‘universe in a grain of sand’ – that kind of thing.

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