Fireworks of Flowers

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

~Ernest Hemingway

I mentioned in a previous post about ‘Water Cans’ (HERE), my ongoing fascination with folk art, which is based on a desire to find a visual language to develop my own version of the inland waterway boat man’s decorated Water Can…

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3. Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2014 – The Glorious Cans!

I’m a Can Fan! I can’t walk past a Water Can sitting on the roof of a narrow boat back cabin and not pause to admire it. Braunston this year provided the usual rich pickings. There are usually more amateur painted and ‘heritage’ Cans at Braunston and they’re the ones that I’m particularly interested in.

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Modern Can 2.

Having laid out my stall (HERE) it’s now time I got down to the business of actually painting-up a piece of tinware using images and styles drawn not from Victorian influences but my own world of twentieth (twenty-first?) century influences.

The first step is perhaps the simplest – find an object. In that I’m pretty lucky in having lying around a number of enamelled pots and jugs that’ve served as test pieces for painting over the years. I’ve chosen a bright red coffee pot.

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A Bushell Bros. Can

With the temperature falling and, in London at least, freezing fog lingering ’til lunchtime, my thoughts are increasingly turning to boat-related activities away from the boat and close to the snug warmth of hearth and home. I’m thinking ‘Can’ to be exact. I mentioned HERE my intention to get back into Can painting, and I’ve got also got plans for a stool to be painted alongside completing that first Can. More of that tomorrow…

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2013 Rickmansworth Waterways Festival 3. The Final Instalment – Magnificant Cans

I can’t leave the ‘Ricky’ behind without sharing some of the wonderful painted ware that was on show on a wide range of boats. Professional and amateur efforts creating a colourful celebration of, what is for me, a wonderful art form.

This is a first for me, what a great idea to place the painting of a dog on the Can…

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