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Caught on the Map

By chance I came across this recent and detailed map of the River Brent on the brentcatchmentrivers website and, for the first time, felt more able to visualise the river in all its sinuous complexity.

The narrative potential is huge. Looking at the tributaries and reading their names made me determined to pack a bag with maps and camera and notebook, and get out there.

I’ve a feeling there are a load of stories to be uncovered along the backwaters of this half-hidden and oft-neglected river.


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Book Review: Red Shift by Alan Garner


Red Shift, 1973, is formed from the jagged pieces of three interlinked narratives. It is, by turns, unnerving, distressing and, in parts, oddly romantic. Each narrative’s timeline, though separated by a thousand years, is ‘present’ throughout. Linear ‘tick-tock’ time does not exist, but is interwoven and contemporaneous. Red Shift is an interpretation of time travel, but travel of an inner and psychic form. It makes for a destabilising, unnerving read.

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Peace Amidst Chaos



“The future always comes too fast and in the wrong order.”
Alvin Toffler


The challenges that arise from change are common, and change happens often. Every time we turn around, it seems that the familiar has become un-familiar. Coping is both daunting and exhausting. Many people feel pressured to keep up.

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