In the Museum of Thin Objects the objects that most powerfully provide a focusing point and take me beyond myself and closer to wonderment – or silence – are photographs. In thinking about and close scrutiny of photographs; in researching them; and through site visits; specific photographs are able to transport me to a qualitatively different place. Often it’s a place in the past. A place I didn’t know. They provide a bridge, a point of connection to a deeper sense of belonging, a more profound sense of place.

The starting point for ‘Bub’ is a thin Object – an envelope of photographs.

‘Bub’ explores genealogy.

The photographs of my own family are used as a starting point not because my family is in any way more deserving of the spotlight than any other, after al it’s a very ordinary family, rather it was because the photographs open up a world of stories.

‘Bub’ is a record of those stories, marvellous emblematic and revealing stories of a lost world. Every family, my family/your family are conduits for stories that are the very stuff of life.

Hopefully ‘Bub’ illustrates the idea that families are crucibles of lore and legend and hold within them the roots of our own personality and passions.

Am I trying to ‘find’ Bub – or find myself? Perhaps it’s both? Perhaps the process of getting beneath the skin of the photos will help me to understand a little more about how history and place provide the sub-conscious drivers that control our own emotional responses to past, people and place?

‘Bub’ posts can be accessed HERE.




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