Following my post last week about renovation/restoration I thought I’d share the following images. They show a day boat that’s very much a restoration project.

Although different in detail GWR No.15 hints at what Eileen might be like if we were to return her to an approximation of her original state.

Although the paintwork is beginning to look a little tired, GWR No.15, seen here at the Black Country Museum, remains a wonderful example of a day boat…
Functional, streamlined utility at it’s best… A single-ended cabin day boat.
A view of the elum and stern. Note the lower profile of the cabin in comparison to say the butty of a long distance pair.

An internet trawl also revealed this couple of images of No.15…

A more recent reconstruction of a ‘train’ of day boats hauled by a tug…
No.15, after restoration… or perhaps mid-restoration? Note the changed colour of the tiller arm…

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