In the hustle-bustle and general animation of visiting a Festival like the ‘Ricky’, I tend to experience a kind of ‘global contentment’, and I’m happy just to drift through the crowds, chat with our kids and generally enjoy the colours, sights and sounds in a mildly unfocused kind of way.

Often the hidden gems of the day are only revealed in retrospect, when I look back through the photographs I’ve taken in a more focused and attentive way.

In many ways I suspect it’s these delightful details, these contrasts that are unconsciously at the root of my sense of well-being and contentment as I wander around…

Details such as:

The contrast between a beautifully painted tunnel lamp and the course hemp rope tying it to the cratch..
The contrast between a delicate bouquet of painted roses and bold sans serif lettering…
The combination of decorative ropework, lettering and castle….
Swaithes of a single colour contrasting with complex geometric designs and lettering…
Stunning simplicity. (Incidentally, given the our boat Eileen was employed within the Stewarts & Lloyds Group from the 1920’s I’m beginning to see this as a possible colour scheme for the boat…).
The way the white lettering stands out so clearly against the red…
Or black… Also the contrast between lettering styles, between the A. Harvey Taylor company name to the red telephone number 9…
The detail of the painted footstool contrasting with the functional red oxide painted on checkerplate beneath…
And finally, the modern cylinder padlock contrasting with the ‘flourish’ of the painted flowers…

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